Rochester Plumbing Services

Repiping: There are some buildings that suffer from frequent leakages. In most cases, a closer inspection reveals the entire piping system is corroded and needs to be replaced by new ones. If left unattended the whole piping system can stop working and can potentially cause severe damage to the property. According to your need and budget we can suggest and install noncorrosive pipes made from PEX or Copper and replace the entire existing network.

Bathroom Fitting: Modern fittings can not only give your bathroom that nice classy feel but can also make your baths more relaxing. On request, we can do a full assessment of bathroom spaces and suggest fittings that will improve the level of comfort and convenience.

Drainage problems: Clogging of drains and pipes is one of the most common plumbing problems. We have a whole list of plumbing arsenal at our disposal to take care of any such issue.

Handyman Services

Decks and Fencing: Apart from plumbing services we at Plumbers Rochester NY also build good quality decks and fences. Working with number of materials such as wood, vinyl, composite and others, we ensure you get one step closer to your dream home. Contact our executives to get an estimate.

Household Repairs: Our local handyman service is one of the best in the area. Our fix-it experts can take on almost any repair challenge and have been doing so for years. This is a great bonus for our customers. Mainly because we have the expertise to take care of any repair work that may be needed after an extensive plumbing overhaul.

Appliance Installation: Installing and assembling an appliance often takes much time and effort. Our experts are just one call away and are more than happy to come in and do a full installation while you relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Electrical Work: We provide expert level electrical services. From electrical fittings to complete rewiring of the house, we are equipped to deliver high-quality work for both commercial and residential projects. Similar to the handyman service, this is a solution that often complements and supports our plumbing projects.

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